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Feed the Future is the US government's global hunger and food security initiative that supports country-driven approaches to address the root causes of hunger and poverty. USAID-TAPP is a key part of Feed the Future, focusing its efforts on SAGCOT, a region the Tanzanian government has identified as the most conducive for agricultural growth.

Who We Are


USAID-TAPP, launched in October 2009, was a five-year program supported by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The program increased smallholder incomes, improved nutrition, and expanded markets through agricultural innovation and commercialization.

Geographic Focus

USAID-TAPP developed clusters of commercial farms, smallholders, and agribusinesses in areas with high agricultural potential. We targeted fresh and processed fruit, vegetables, and spices in: Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Lushoto, Morogoro, the Coastal Strip, and Zanzibar. In addition to these six target zones, the program worked with partners and the Government of Tanzania in the Southern Agricultural Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT).

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of USAID-TAPP was to increase incomes of smallholder farmers through enhanced productivity, increased investment, and improved market systems. Specific objectives included:

  • Raising the incomes of 40,000 smallholder farmers
  • Increasing yields of targeted products by 45 percent
  • Providing training in agricultural productivity to over 50,000 individuals
  • Leveraging $13 million in new client and counterpart investments
  • Generating over $35 million in incremental agricultural sales

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